Who won what

Your guide to the winners of the big movie awards over the past 12 months

The Biz

What it’s like to restore and re-release classic films like Brief Encounter

Guilty Pleasures

They’re the films that are really
naff … but extremely enjoyable!

He Says,
She Says

A double take on whether to dub
or to sub(title) foreign films

Why I love,
Why I Hate

Two different views on the
good and the bad things about films

My Guilty Secret

A top film critic reveals what puts him
off actually going to the cinema

Bollywood and Hollywood

Why are the big stars in India not
getting a fair deal in Tinseltown?

Keeping Score

The magic of the best music documentary ever made, Oil City Confidential

The Grey Area

Why mature audiences as flocking
back to cinemas in Derbyshire




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